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Bob's philatelic tour  

Bob Needham spent most of his holiday in Southern England visiting stamp shops. Mr Needham'slast port of call was Brighton and Gustamps shop was the first stop for him after his arrival at Brighton train station. On entering Gustamps shop, Mr Needham said "what an amazing stock. Gustamps have more stamps than all the other shops which I've seen combined." Bob Needham sifted through lots of mixed boxes and stockbooks of stamps whilst at Gustamps. Amongst Mr Needham's purchases at Gustamps was an omnibus collection of 1946 King George VI victory stamps which was on sale at Gustamps sale price of £12. The omnibus collection contained many sets of stamps but Mr Needham was particularly interested in one set. The set in question was from Hong Kong and Mr Needham said "I love the unusual design of a burning phoenix, can you tell me anything about it?" Gustamps manager explained to Mr Needham that the stamps were designed by two prisoners of war. Gustamps manager added that the designs were kept secret from the Japanese prison guards. Gustamps manager went on to say that after the prisoners were released, the stamp designs were used for the victory issues for Hong Kong after World War II. Mr Needham complimented Gustamps manager and said "not only do Gustamps have a great shop, but you are a mine of information too, I don't suppose you know the names of the two prisoner stamp designers do you?" Gustamps manager replied "one was Edward Wynne-Jones, I'm not sure what the other designer's name was." Gustamps manager added that the burning phoenix was supposed to be a phoenix rising from the ashes, just like Hong Kong's rebirth after the Japanese occupation during World War II. 

Gustamps manager enjoyed having Mr Needham at Gustamps shop and looks forward to seeing him again sometime. 

With lots of thanks from Gustamps to Bob Needham for letting Gustamps share his experience at Gustamps shop with other readers.

Sgt. Goodyear discovered at Gustamps

Greg contacted Gustamps and made an appointment at Gustamps for a free Gustamps stamp valuation. When Greg came to Gustamps stamp shop in Brighton he brought along his collection of thematic stamps. The collection which Greg wanted Gustamps to value was a specialized group of bicycle and motorcycle stamps, and first day covers pertaining to the Isle of Man TT Races. Gustamps valuer explained to Greg that although the stamps were interesting , unfortunately the market value was quite low as the stamps were mostly C.T.O. (cancelled to order stamps) which could be purchased in packets of transport stamps at low prices and the I.O.M. first day covers were only worth a few pounds. Gustamps valuer did spot one single scarcer stamp, dating back to the turn of the century. Gustamps valuer explained to Greg that the stamp depicted Sgt. Major Goodyear riding on a bicycle. Gustamps manager said the stamp was prized by Boer War stamp collectors and was worth in the region of £300. Gustamps was pleased to purchase Greg's Boer War stamps at the valuation price. Greg kept the remainder of his collection which was only valued at £25. 

Thanks to Mr Greg Parson for allowing Gustamps to share his valuation experience at Gustamps with other philatelists. 

Gustamps don't just sell stamps !

Frank found Gustamps on the internet and on his last visit to Brighton he made sure to go to Gustamps stamp shop. On his visit to Gustamps Frank said to Gustamps sales person that he collected the stamps of Grenada but his problem was he had all the cheaper stamps already and could not afford the more expensive stamps missing from his collection. "You see I've only got a small budget, Frank said to Gustamps sales person." Frank went onto ask Gustamps sales person "what have Gustamps got in Grenada that I can afford?" Gustamps sales person suggested that Frank might like to expand his collection to include Grenada postmarks. That day at Gustamps Frank spent only £5 but he started up a whole new section in his stamp collection dedicated to interesting Grenada postmarks. Some of those postmarks purchased by Frank included King George VI period postmarks for St. Georges', Grenville, Piedmontagnes, Union, Woburn, Hope, Hemitage and Crochu. Frank was happy with the new additions to his Grenada stamp collections. 

If like Frank you would like to expand your stamp collection then don't forget that Gustamps don't just sell stamps, Gustamps have interesting postmarks and postal history items for sale as well.